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Why Choose Litchfield Smiles for Dental Implants?

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What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants technically refer to the titanium post that integrates with the bone and soft tissue and replaces the root. In order to receive dental implants, some minor oral surgery is needed. Once the root is placed underneath the gum tissue, it begins a process known as osseointegration. During this phase, the biocompatible post becomes part of your natural bone structure. A crown is then attached on top of the post. When treatment is performed by a professional, the post provides a long-lasting foundation that can withstand daily functions like chewing, brushing and flossing.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Compared to traditional dentures and bridges, dental implants come the closest to perfectly mimicking your natural teeth. You won’t have to give up any of your favorite foods or worry about your new teeth slipping out of place at the wrong moment; the implants will provide your new teeth with additional chewing strength and hold them firmly in place at all times. And thanks to the strength and durability of implants, you can expect your new teeth to last for a very long time – possibly a lifetime – with the right maintenance.

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Day-to-Day Benefits

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  • Unlike traditional restorations that can change-up your daily routine, dental implants are easy to care for. In fact, you’re able to brush and floss them just like you would your natural teeth. It’s also important to continue visiting your implant dentist in Litchfield Park every six months for checkups and cleanings to keep them looking and feeling great.

  • If you’ve ever owned dentures, you know that if you move your mouth a certain way to talk, your prosthetics can shift, causing an embarrassing lisp or stutter to come out. With dental implants, you won’t have to worry about moving prosthetics because they’ll be anchored to posts that are fused with your jawbone.

  • Missing teeth can alter how you interact with people. Many people who have one or more gaps in their smile are hesitant to open their mouths unless it's absolutely necessary, making them miss out on conversations and making new connections with people. Dental implants look and feel completely natural, so you won’t have to worry about showing a grin that looks incomplete or disheveled.

Health Benefits

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  • Dentures and other traditional restorations can make it hard to eat the foods that you love due to their instability. With strong and unwavering dental implants, you’ll be able to confidently chew steak and other foods that are integral to maintaining a healthy diet.

  • Many patients aren’t aware that when their teeth go missing, the root that once provided stimulation and blood flow to their jawbone is also gone, resulting in bone deterioration. Because of the biocompatible nature of dental implants that allows them to fuse with the jawbone, they allow the bone to stay dense, healthy, and continue supporting their surrounding teeth.

  • With a complete smile that’s easy to brush and clean, patients with dental implants are at less of a risk of developing common oral health problems.

Long-Term Benefits

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  • The dental implant process utilizes the latest technology, allowing this treatment to boast an impressive 95 percent success rate, even 10 years after placement. Not only does this reduce the stress of frequent visits to the dentist for repairs and replacements, but it also makes dental implants incredibly cost-effective.

  • With a complete smile and boosted self-confidence, many patients find it easier to navigate their daily lives, nail important job interviews, meet new friends, and thrive with a complete, healthy, and natural looking and feeling smile.

  • Oral health problems related to tooth loss, like gum disease, are also connected to an increased risk of other medical conditions, like cardiovascular disease. With a healthy, complete, and fully functional smile, you can rest-assured that your overall wellbeing will stay on the right track.

Indications of Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most versatile options you can choose when it comes to tooth replacement. Whether you need to replace single, multiple, or all the teeth in your smile, we can get it done!

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Missing One

Single teeth are replaced by placing a single titanium post into the jaw, then covering it with a dental crown after it has had time to heal over the next several months. Since the implant is strong enough to hold the restoration, you won’t need to modify existing tooth structure just to fill your smile’s gap.

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Missing Multiple

When you want to replace multiple teeth, you can easily do so with dental implants. We start by placing a pair of dental implants into the jaw, then design a custom bridge that fits on top of both of them. Whether you need to replace two, three, or four consecutive teeth, implant-supported bridges are a great solution.

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Missing All of Your

Does your denture not feel comfortable anymore? Tired of using and maintaining it? A series of dental implants can be placed throughout the jaw so a customized denture can be placed on top of them. This ensures better stability, function, and longevity of your prosthetic. What’s even more incredible is the fact that we won’t need a dedicated implant for each tooth we replace.

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Do you wish you could replace all your teeth with dental implants and receive a full prosthetic all in the same appointment? All-on-4 treatment allows you to do precisely that! By placing the dental implants in a way that maximizes all available bone tissue, we can safely attach a dental prosthetic to the implants, giving back your smile as they begin healing.

Cost of Treating Dental Implants

Dental implants are highly customizable, which means the costs of your treatment are likely to differ from another patient’s. For example, replacing multiple teeth will always cost more than replacing single teeth. Additionally, preparatory treatments like bone grafts, gum grafts, and gum therapy may be needed before implants can be placed, raising the costs further. Despite these added costs, dental implants are often worth the long-term investment because they last much longer than other options and offer a level of functionality and esthetic that is truly unique.

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Dental Implant FAQs

Learning all about the process of getting dental implants in Litchfield Park, the benefits they come with, and what dental needs they can address are essential components of determining if this tooth-replacement option is right for you. If you are interested in finding out if you are a candidate, then we encourage you to get in touch with our team to schedule an initial consultation. However, if you’d prefer to do a bit more research online before reaching out, that’s okay too! To make finding the answers you are looking for as seamless as possible, we’ve responded to a few of the most frequently asked questions below.

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Does Getting Dental Implants Hurt?

If you are worried about discomfort during the procedure, you’ll be happy to know that the process of placing your dental implants doesn’t begin until your mouth has been thoroughly numbed with a local anesthetic. Plus, you will most likely be sedated, which lowers your body’s ability to register pain and allows you to remain comfortable throughout your time in the treatment chair. While it’s completely normal to experience soreness in the days afterward, using a cold compress and taking pain medication as directed will ensure your recovery is equally as pain-free.

What Can Cause Dental Implants to Fail?

The two most common causes of dental implant failure are peri-implantitis (a form of gum disease that damages the bone and gums supporting the implant) and failed osseointegration (the fusion of the implant and jawbone). Teeth grinding, tobacco use, certain medications, and poor oral hygiene are all additional factors that can significantly increase your risk of implant failure, which is why it is of the utmost importance that you follow your aftercare guidelines meticulously. If you do notice any signs of complications, like swollen gums, abnormal pain, or looseness, then notify your dental team right away.

Will People Be Able to Tell That I Have Dental Implants?

Thanks to their high-quality makeup and lifelike appearance, even your closest loved ones won’t be able to tell the difference between your dental implants and your natural teeth. That is because our implant dentist in Litchfield Park customizes each restoration to your unique smile. Whether you are missing one tooth, several teeth, or an entire arch, you can have peace of mind knowing that your renewed smile won’t look obtrusive or bulky.

Do Dental Implants Feel Natural?

In short, the answer is yes! Since dental implants are surgically inserted into your jawbone, they restore both the root and crown of your missing tooth. That allows them to function exactly like your natural teeth, seamlessly restoring your bite force. The maximum durability and minimal movement ensure you don’t have to worry about embarrassing slippage when you speak, laugh, and chew as well, which adds to their natural feel and look.

Interested in learning more about dental implants? Don’t hesitate to contact our office via website or by phone. We would love to help you take the next step toward the full, healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

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